The page is an overview of some of the typical charges associated with Bay Eye Care's premium services. All consultations include complimentary biomicroscope imaging of the front of your eyes.

bay eye care examination.jpg


Comprehensive Consultation $129

Comprehensive Consultation (Child <10 years) $119

Short Consultation $59 (up to 15 mins duration)

Dry Eye or Blepharitis Assessment $209 (includes specialty dry eye testing and tear-film analysis, such as TearLab Tear Chemistry Testing)

Myopia Control Assessment $159 (includes corneal shape measurement and eye length measurement)

New Contact Lens Assessment $159 (includes corneal shape measurement)

Keratoconus Assessment $159 (includes corneal shape measurement and corneal thickness measurement with anterior OCT scan)

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Pilot's Special Eye Examination $179 (includes pupil dilation and report preparation)

Families with a community services card may be eligible to have some or all of their consultation covered by the Enable subsidy from the government for children 15 years of age or younger.


Retinal OCT Scan including Retinal Photography: $99 (50% off for Super Gold Card and Community Services Card holders)

Corneal Shape Measurement (Topography): $49

Visual Field Testing: $69

Eye Length Measurement: $49 (used for myopia control monitoring)

TearLab Tear Chemistry Testing: $59 (used for diagnosis and follow-up of dry eye disease)

For more information visit our Technology at Bay Eye Care page.

Specialty Treatments

IPL Treatment Programme for Dry Eye: $759 (includes 3 treatments over 6 weeks & follow-up consultation with TearLab Tear Chemistry Testing)

BlephEx Treatment for Blepharitis: $119

Tear Drainage Flush (aka Lacrimal Lavage): $99

Orthokeratology Fitting: from $800 (includes all appointments for 6 months and starter kit of solutions. Does not include lenses)

Specialty Contact Lenses

Orthokeratology Lenses: $500-$550 each (depending on the lens required for your eye)

Scleral Lenses: $700 each

Rigid Corneal Lens: $440 each

Note: These prices are for a full-warranty lens, which includes alterations to the lens design during the first 3 months of lens fitting at no additional charge. A straight replacement of a lens is 75% of the full price, and a spare lens can be arranged at 50% of the full price if arranged within 3 months of the original fitting.

Patients with keratoconus, corneal disease or very high prescriptions may be eligible for the Ministry of Health Contact Lens Subsidy. This covers a significant portion of fitting charges and lens costs. A surcharge will apply for the remainder.

Bay Eye Care reserves the right to alter these charges at any time. Prices include GST.