What is IPL Treatment?

The difficulty with most dry eye treatments is they have to be continued each day to stop the symptoms returning.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a revolutionary new treatment that is painless and long-lasting. At Bay Eye Care we use a IPL device specially designed in France for treating dry eye. Treatment involves the application of an intense pulsed light to the skin around the eye. The treatment stimulates the glands in the eyelids to improve their secretions, improving your dry eye.

Originally IPL was discovered to help dry eye because people using IPL for skin issues were noticing an improvement in their eye irritation and dryness.

A study from Auckland University using the same IPL device that we have at Bay Eye Care showed that after only two treatments 86% of patients had noticed significant improvement in their symptoms.

A recent Canadian study also showed that IPL was a safe and effective treatment for patients with evaporative dry eye. Patients that underwent IPL therapy had significant improvements in symptoms and signs of dry eye following the treatment.

Our therapeutic optometrist Mr Alex Petty with the IPL device applicator

A recent report on an Australian current affairs show gives insight into the suffering dry eye can cause and how the IPL treatment available at Bay Eye Care can help.

What is involved with IPL treatment?

Initially a thorough dry eye assessment is required to characterise your dry eye, take baseline measurements and confirm you will benefit from IPL therapy. More information about the types of dry eye can be found here. 3 treatments sessions are required over a 6 week period. 

Typically people treated with IPL find sustained improvement in their dry eye for over 6 months. Most patients do require re-treatment however when their symptoms return to a bothersome level.

More information about the costs of IPL therapy can be found on our Bay Eye Care Fee Structure page. Our detailed IPL for dry eye information sheet can also be downloaded here.