See an expert to fix your eye problem

There are a range of eye conditions that can occur quickly and require immediate attention to hasten recovery and prevent long term damage. 

Some of the signs and symptoms that indicate you should have your eyes promptly seen by Bay Eye Care's therapeutic optometrist Mr Alex Petty include:

A painful corneal inflammation that required urgent topical medication to resolve.

  • Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • Unusual pain in the eyes, especially with movement of the eyes or blinking
  • Unusual sensitivity to bright lights
  • A new headache that does not get better with pain medication
  • Double vision (seeing two of everything) that has not occurred before.
  • A red or swollen appearance of the eyes
  • Discharge (mucous or pus) or unusual watering from the eyes
  • Itching, irritation or dryness of the eyes
  • Foreign material such as metal or plant material hitting or becoming embedded in the eye
  • The appearance of spots of light, flecks, insect-like shapes, curtains or veils in your vision
alex petty examination

Treatment of Acute Eye Conditions

Most eye conditions can be expertly treated by our optometrist Mr Alex Petty. Alex is therapeutically trained which means that he can prescribe a range of topical and oral medications for your eye condition. Unfortunately it may become apparent during your consultation that you have a more serious condition outside the scope of even a specialty practice like Bay Eye Care. In this instance Alex will be able to promptly refer you to the appropriate medical professional for treatment.

Bay Eye Care is ACC registered so that if you have sustained an ocular injury your appointments will be partially subsidised.