We conduct highly thorough eye examinations

Although we are a specialty optometry practice we do still provide comprehensive general eye examinations that assess your vision and check that your eyes are free from disease. 

The benefits of having your general eye examinations carried out at Bay Eye Care include:

  • Access to cutting edge technology to assess your vision and eye health. For more information see our Technology at Bay Eye Care page.
  • Our therapeutic optometrist Mr Alex Petty is an experienced and skilled practitioner who values assessing his patient's eyes thoroughly and explaining results and treatments in a way that can be easily understood.
  • Because we do not sell glasses, when our optometrist suggests that your glasses need updating you can be assured that this is based on clinical evidence, not a profit-driven business decision. In this instance we will provide you with our prescription information and refer you to an appropriate colleague to arrange these. 
  • We work closely with other health professionals in the area including other optometrists, ophthalmologists and general practitioners, especially the doctors that we work alongside with at Promed House. If you require further medical treatment or investigation our networks will ensure prompt referral and efficient care.

A comprehensive general examination generally takes up to an hour and includes:

  • An in-depth discussion with our optometrist about your ocular history, medical health, family history, lifestyle and vision requirements
  • Measurement of all aspects of your vision and your current prescription
  • Evaluation of your eye's health including the checking for signs of disease at the front and back of the eye and other important factors such as your eye pressure.
  • Summary and discussion about all management options.

We are pleased to offer complimentary biomicroscope photography of the front of your eye during all of our examinations. Other equipment or testing may carry an additional charge. Further details can be found here.

Special Vision Examination for Pilots

Mr Alex Petty is an accredited examiner for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). A CAA Pilot's exam involves some extra tests, including therapeutic pupil dilation to assess the back of the eye, in order to prove your fitness to fly. If you require a special vision examination for your next pilot's medical this can be easily arranged at Bay Eye Care.