You can book an appointment online with our therapeutic optometrist Mr Alex Petty by using the window below. 

Mr Alex Petty

The following appointment types can be booked online:

  • * Comprehensive general consultations - 1 hour (new and existing patients),
  • * Short follow-up consultations - 30 mins (existing patients),
  • Contact lens assessments, Ortho-K assessments, Dry eye/blepharitis assessments, Myopia control assessments, Keratoconus assessments, Glaucoma assessments - 1 hour
  • CAA Pilot's Eye Examinations - 1 hour (new and existing patients, remember to bring a driver)

Accounts must be settled at the time of the appointment or before. Fees associated with these consultations can be found here. * denotes popular consultation types.

Online Booking Terms and Conditions:

If you have an acute eye problem needing urgent attention then DO NOT use online booking. Instead call our practice or your local after hours medical service.

Online Bookings Privacy: Your details are held by our online booking contractors Health Site. These details are not passed on to any third parties and are only used to facilitate the ease of future online bookings.