contact lenses

David's first experiences with overnight contact lenses to slow his myopia!

David very pleased to be seeing clearly the first time wearing his Ortho-K contact lenses!

One of our young patient's David was referred to me from a colleague as his short-sightedness (myopia) was getting worse and worse each year. Myopia is an eye disease that increases the risk of other potentially blinding ocular conditions later in life (find out more information about this here) and means that patients have to use stronger and stronger glasses to see clearly.

After discussion with David and his family I recommended that we use Ortho-K overnight reshaping therapy to improve his vision during the day and slow the progression of his myopia. From his data of his eye shape that we gathered during his assessment I designed two custom lenses that David would only wear as he sleeps - they remold the front of his eye to improve his sight.

David's Ortho-K lens photographed on his eye.

David did superbly well learning how to insert and remove the lenses and had a huge smile on his face looking around with his lenses on for the first time - he could see without his glasses for the first time! (The Ortho-K lenses still offer great vision when worn if you need to get up from sleep in the night)

After the first night's wear of his lenses David returned for his day 1 follow-up without his glasses on! One night of Ortho-K wear had already improved his vision to meet the driving standard for vision. His family were very pleased and David continues to do well using his lenses. Most importantly his Ortho-K treatment will slow his myopia progression and decrease the risk of other eye disease like retinal detachment later in life.

David having fun learning to insert and remove his Ortho-K contact lenses under Alex's watchful supervision.

Thanks to David and his family for offering to share David's story to help educate other people who could benefit from Bay Eye Care's Ortho-K or myopia control treatments.